PMMA Hydrogel Butt Shot Injection Kit


Medical Grade Hydrogel (Aquamid) 

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As the skin ages, elastic fibers in the dermis break down, collagen fibers get stuck together and there is a gradual loss of hyaluronic acid. Skin will feel stiffer and less elastic. Originating from Europe, Hydrogel is presently used worldwide to fill up sunken areas such as the cheeks, temples, lips, and buttocks.

What makes Hydrogel unique?
Hydrogel is a new generation permanent filler that is made from polyacrylamide and water. One of the exceptional things about Hydrogel is that there is hardly any tissue reaction or calcification and, unlike other fillers, it does not cause granuloma formation. One of the reasons Hydrogel is tolerated so well and accepted by the body is because it is 97.5% water. And since our body is primarily composed of water, it does not treat Hydrogel as a foreign substance. It feels very natural.

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