Dermal Filler Injection/ Hyaluronic Acid Gel Filler


Injectable Hyaluronic Acid Dermal/facial Gel Filler Injections-Anti aging 

HA filler, Dermal Filler, Wrinkle remover, anti-wrinkle injection /Lip filler, Breast filler, Buttocks filler 

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1. Introductions: 
Stabilized Cross-linked hyaluronic acid gel 
Used in Plastic surgery operation Recommended for wrinkles correction and lips enhancement 

2. Model: 
1). Fine Lines 
HA content: 20mg/ml 
Particle Size(mm): 0.10-0.15 
Solution for fine lines 
2). Dermal 
HA content: 20mg/ml 
Particle Size(mm): 0.15-0.28 
Solution for wrinkles 
3). Dermal deep 
HA content: 20mg/ml 
Particle Size(mm): 0.28-0.5 
Solution for deep wrinkles 
4). Sub Skin 
HA content: 20mg/ml 
Particle Size(mm): 1.25-2.0 
Solution for breast and other boday parts 

3. Syringe Dosage: 1.0ml/syringe 2.0ml/syringe, 10ml/syringe, 20ml/syringe, 50ml/syringe 
Suringe Needle: 23G, 27G, 30G, 32G 

4. Effect: 
Maintain at least 12months 
Does not produce a rigid facial expression. 
Fill the depression easier to achieve smooth result. 
Course of fast and safe, do not leave scars. 
High security and will not have allergic reactions. 

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