Sale! Pyrazolam 0.5mg Pellets

Pyrazolam 0.5mg Pellets


WARNING This Product is Not Intended for Human Consumption or Ingestion.

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Pyrazolam is a water-soluble benzodiazepine derivative. It acts as a high-affinity GABA positive allosteric modulator with a moderate duration of action. It is primarily used as an anxiolytic as it's more selective for the α2 and α3 receptor sybtypes than most benzodiazepines. At normal doses, pyrazolam causes less ataxia and sedation than comparable agents. Pyrazolam has no active metabolites and so it's duration of action (approximately 6 hours) and activity (approximately x12 diazepam) more linear than comparable compounds.


 α1 3.84±0.25


 α2 1.31±0.19


 α3 1.48±0.21


 α5 3.72±0.32

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